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Spears Plastic offers domestic PVC40, PVC80 and CPVC80 fittings and valves.
Smith Cooper offers stainless steel type 304/316 fittings in the following types

Stainless Steel Standard Weight 150# Fittings. 
Stainless Steel Heavy Pattern 150# Fittings.
Stainless Steel Bar Stock Fittings.
Stainless Steel 3000# Forged Steel Fittings.
Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings.
Stainless Steel Flanges.
Stainless Steel Nipples.
Sanitary Products.
Anvil® Pipe Fittings offers the largest selection of name brand fittings which include Anvil malleable and cast iron fittings, forged steel fittings and unions, universal forged steel Anvilets, Catawissa hammer unions and J.B. Smith swage nipples and bull plugs. Also included are Beck® welded pipe nipples and couplings along with Anvil seamless pipe nipples.

Pipe Fittings Catalog
(November 2010)(6.4 MB File)

Gruvlok Grooved Couplings, Fittings, Flanges and Valves.

From Mechanical/Industrial, plumbing and mining to energy and fire protection, Gruvlok® grooved products are designed to withstand the most rugged applications while providing durable and easy installation, and ultimately, saving time and money on any project requiring grooved over weld.

Gruvlok® Products Catalog
(June 2011)(12 MB File)

Latrobe Foundry Machine & Supply Company manufactures and machines high-quality threaded and flanged aluminum pipe fittings in numerous stock sizes and styles, including both standard and reducing fittings. Latrobe Foundry products are used in a wide variety of businesses, including the agricultural, chemical, construction, and marine industries.

Smith Cooper offers bronze fittings and flanges in the following types.

Fittings:  1/8" thru 6" Class 125# Threaded
Flanges: 1/2" thru 6" Class 150# Threaded
Nipples:  1/8" thru 4" Any length

Elkhart Products Corporation is your one-stop supplier for quality copper plumbing products. We have a complete line of copper fittings for the residential, commercial and industrial plumbing markets 
Weld Fittings Sizes 1/2″ through 48″
STD, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 120, SCH 160, XH, XXH
90′s, 45′s, Tees, Reducing 90′s, Concentric Reducers, Eccentric Reducers, Stub Ends,Crosses, Laterals, Return Bends
Weld Flanges Sizes 1/2″ through 48″
150# through 2500#
Slip-on, Weldneck, Blind,Reducing Flanges and Orifice Flanges