Flomatic Corporation is a manufacturer of high quality valves primarily for domestic and municipal water and wastewater applications
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JCM has the most contemporary design features for today's repairs of yesterday's piping materials. Special application characteristics encountered on new piping material require versatile and reliable products delivered on an "as-need" basis.
SIGMA Corporation has been developing products for the North American Water and Wastewater industry for over 25 years. Today, we are one of the world’s largest suppliers of specialty water products within the American Waterworks Association (AWWA) range. At SIGMA, we are proud to offer the highest quality ductile iron waterworks fittings, pipe restraint products, and municipal casting products available on the market. We operate a network of warehouse and distribution offices that provides us with a national reach. 
Griffin Pipe serves the nation's water and wastewater needs with quality Ductile Iron pipe. We achieve our goal – to satisfy the needs of our customers - by manufacturing the finest Ductile Iron pipe and providing industry leading service, each and every time you choose Griffin Pipe.
Star Pipe Products has been manufacturing and distributing quality iron products for the water and wastewater industry for 30 years. With fourteen distribution centers across North America and over 300 employees, Star Pipe Products remains committed to providing customers with quality products and professional service.
Awwa Products

100 years of quality is built into every Homestead® Eccentric Plug Valve

For over 100 years Homestead® has been building reputation of dependability, reliability, safety and uncompromising quality. Continuing in this tradition, this new eccentric plug valve delivers the same high level of performance you have come to expect from Homestead.

Star Pipe Products is a global manufacturer and supplier for a broad array of iron products, including Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings and Accessories, Joint Restraints, AWWA Grooved Products, and Municipal and Construction Castings
Mueller Systems' products have the capability to accurately measure water and ensure full revenue, from small residential flows to the most demanding fire and master meter applications. We manufacture a complete line of Positive Displacement, Vertical Turbine, Horizontal Turbine, Fire Line/Master and Detector Check products that range in sizes from ½ inch to 12 inches.